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Kids by Haji Ali Ahmen Bukannan & Sons

Furnishing a kid’s bedroom can be a challenge. But with premium designs and materials, Haji Ali Ahmen Bukannan & Sons makes it easy to find the perfect pieces that suit your home, your child and their unique style personality. From sturdy engineered wood dressers to lofted bunk beds to plush mattresses, you won’t find a selection of kids furniture that compares in price and quality.

How to Organize a Small Kids’ Room?

Decorating a kid’s room is equal parts fun and strategy. Parents have the difficult feat of finding items that stimulate children’s active imaginations while preserving a sense of order and cleanliness. However, there are a few tricks that you can use to make organizing your child’s room a bit easier. Whether you’re dealing with a small kids room or a larger one, you should always take advantage of vertical space. Adding storage shelves for books and toys is a great way to tuck items away and control what possessions your child can reach. Storage beds are a great two-in-one option, since they’re perfect for sleeping and storing bedding, clothes and other items. Adding cubbies and baskets is also a great way to create a more organized space while ensuring that your child has access to their essential items.

Best Kids’ Furniture Material?

If you’re furnishing a kid’s bedroom or a playroom there are a few materials that you should keep top of mind. You can’t mess with a classic; wood is a trusted material that lasts. A set of kids wood bedroom furniture is perfect if you want to invest in sturdy furniture that can be easily mended, sanded down or painted. Furniture made out of metal like metal beds and toy boxes is great for older children who want a more grown-up feel to their rooms. This material is usually rounded, easy-to-clean and made with rust-free finishes, making it child-friendly.

Different Kids’ Bedroom Styles?

Designing a kid’s bedroom is an excuse to get wild with your imagination. But there are a few key, kid-friendly styles that make it easier if you’re not sure where to begin. Whimsical bedrooms are perfect for the child that wants to glam up their room with attitude and ornate designs fit for little kings, queens and everything in between. If your child loves all things athletic, a sports themed bedroom might be right up their alley. From wall decals to novelty lighting, Haji Ali Ahmen Bukannan & Sons has the perfect accents and bedding to add varsity flair to a child’s room. Is your home eclectic and a little bohemian? You’re in luck! This theme can easily adapt to your kids’ rooms. With bright colors, patterned textiles and a little imagination, boho bedrooms can add interest without going overboard. There are so many different interior styles to choose from but take this opportunity to experiment with color and decor to create a one-of-a-kind style for your child.